Liber Vitae

What is Liber Vitae?

Liber Vitae meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A book in which the names of the members (familiares), benefactors, and associates of a monastic house were recorded to facilitate their remembrance in its services and prayers and in the expectation that once entered in the earthly book, the same names would also be inscribed in the celestial “Book of Life” to be opened at the Day of Judgment. Michelle P. Brown notes in Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts (Getty Museum/British Library, 1994) that the Liber Vitae was customarily read with the martyrology and the obituary at the canonical hour of prime, and the manuscript sometimes contained depictions of the individuals listed. Click here to browse the 11th-century Liber Vitae of Newminster and Hyde illustrated with lightly tinted ink drawings (British Library, Stowe 944).


reference: ABC-CLIO