What is Coning?

Coning definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
Geometry. a solid whose surface is generated by a line passing through a fixed point and a fixed plane curve not containing the point, consisting of two equal sections joined at a vertex. a plane surface resembling the cross section of a solid cone.

anything shaped like a cone: sawdust piled up in a great cone; the cone of a volcano.
ice-cream cone.
Botany. the more or less conical multiple fruit of the pine, fir, etc., consisting of overlapping or valvate scales bearing naked ovules or seeds; a strobile. a similar fruit, as in cycads or club mosses.

Anatomy. one of the cone-shaped cells in the retina of the eye, sensitive to color and intensity of light.Compare rod(def 17).

one of a series of cone-shaped markers placed along a road, as around an area of highway construction, especially to exclude or divert motor vehicles.
(in a taper thread screw or bevel gear) an imaginary cone or frustum of a cone concentric to the axis and defining the pitch surface or one of the extremities of the threads or teeth.
Ceramics. pyrometric cone.

verb (used with object), coned,
to shape like a cone or a segment of a cone.