What is Scoop?

Scoop definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a ladle or ladlelike utensil, especially a small, deep-sided shovel with a short, horizontal handle, for taking up flour, sugar, etc.
a utensil composed of a palm-sized hollow hemisphere attached to a horizontal handle, for dishing out ice cream or other soft foods.
a hemispherical portion of food as dished out by such a utensil: two scoops of chocolate ice cream.

the bucket of a dredge, steam shovel, etc.
Surgery. a spoonlike apparatus for removing substances or foreign objects from the body.
a hollow or hollowed-out place.
the act of ladling, dipping, dredging, etc.
the quantity held in a ladle, dipper, shovel, bucket, etc.
Journalism. a news item, report, or story first revealed in one paper, magazine, newscast, etc.; beat.
Informal. news, information, or details, especially as obtained from experience or an immediate source: What’s the scoop on working this machine?
a gathering to oneself or lifting with the arms or hands.
Informal. a big haul, as of money.
Television, Movies. a single large floodlight shaped like a flour scoop.

verb (used with object)
to take up or out with or as if with a scoop.
to empty with a scoop.

to form a hollow or hollows in.
to form with or as if with a scoop.
to get the better of (other publications, newscasters, etc.) by obtaining and publishing or broadcasting a news item, report, or story first: They scooped all the other dailies with the story of the election fraud.
to gather up or to oneself or to put hastily by a sweeping motion of one’s arms or hands: He scooped the money into his pocket.

verb (used without object)
to remove or gather something with or as if with a scoop: to scoop with a ridiculously small shovel.