What is Nonelastic?

Nonelastic definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
capable of returning to its original length, shape, etc., after being stretched, deformed, compressed, or expanded: an elastic waistband; elastic fiber.
spontaneously expansive, as gases.
flexible; accommodating; adaptable; tolerant: elastic rules and regulations.
springing back or rebounding; springy: He walks with an elastic step.

readily recovering from depression or exhaustion; buoyant: an elastic temperament.
Economics. relatively responsive to change, as to a proportionate increase in demand as the result of a decrease in price.Compare inelastic(def 2).
Physics. of, relating to, or noting a body having the property of elasticity.

webbing, or material in the form of a band, made elastic, as with strips of rubber.
something made from this material, as a garter.

rubber band.