What is Heel?

Heel definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the back part of the human foot, below and behind the ankle.
an analogous part in other vertebrates.

either hind foot or hoof of some animals, as the horse.
the foot as a whole: He was hung by the heels.
the part of a stocking, shoe, or the like covering the back part of the wearer’s foot.
a solid, raised base or support of leather, wood, rubber, etc., attached to the sole of a shoe or boot under the back part of the foot.
heels, high-heeled shoes.
something resembling the back part of the human foot in position, shape, etc.: a heel of bread.
the rear of the palm, adjacent to the wrist.
the latter or concluding part of anything: the heel of a session.
the lower end of any of various more or less vertical objects, as rafters, spars, or the sternposts of vessels.
Nautical. the after end of a keel. the inner end of a bowsprit or jib boom.

the crook in the head of a golf club.
Building Trades. the exterior angle of an angle iron.
Railroads. the end of a frog farthest from a switch.
Horticulture. the base of any part, as of a cutting or tuber, that is removed from a plant for use in the propagation of that plant.

verb (used with object)
to follow at the heels of; chase closely.
to furnish with heels, as shoes.

to perform (a dance) with the heels.
Golf. to strike (the ball) with the heel of the club.
to arm (a gamecock) with spurs.

verb (used without object)
(of a dog) to follow at one’s heels on command.
to use the heels, as in dancing.

Verb Phrases
heel in, to cover temporarily (the roots and most of the stem of a plant) with soil prior to permanent planting.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/heel