What is Mount ?

Mount is (noun) 1. a frame for a picture He stuck the photograph into a mount and put it on his desk. 2. a horse, etc., on which a rider sits He tried to make his mount jump the fence. 3. (usually in names) a mountain Mount Kilimanjaro Mount St Helens (verb) 1. to climb on to something; to climb up something They mounted their horses and rode off. He mounted the stairs two at a time. The car turned, mounted the pavement, and hit a wall. 2. to increase Tension is mounting as the time for the football final approaches. 3. to mount guard over something to stand on guard to protect something Soldiers are mounting guard over the parliament building to prevent attacks. There were ten security men mounting guard over the president as he went for a walk in the town. 4. to set something in a frame or in a metal holder, etc. Mount the photograph in a black frame. The diamonds were mounted in silver. 5. to organise something The unions are mounting a campaign to get the government to back down. Our forces mounted a surprise attack on the enemy. The British Museum is mounting an exhibition of drawings. The coup was mounted by exiles living across the border.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level