What is Mate?

Mate definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a partner in marriage; spouse.
one member of a pair of mated animals.

one of a pair: I can’t find the mate to this glove.
a counterpart.
an associate; fellow worker; comrade; partner (often used in combination): classmate; roommate.
friend; buddy; pal (often used as an informal term of address): Let me give you a hand with that, mate.
Nautical. first mate.any of a number of officers of varying degrees of rank subordinate to the master of a merchant assistant to a warrant officer or other functionary on a ship.

an aide or helper, as to an artisan; factotum.
a gear, rack, or worm engaging with another gear or worm.
Archaic. an equal in reputation; peer; match.

verb (used with object), mat