Neither here nor there

What is Neither here nor there?

Neither here nor there definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
in this place; in this spot or locality (opposed to there): Put the pen here.
to or toward this place; hither: Come here.
at this point; at this juncture: Here the speaker paused.

(used to call attention to some person or thing present, or to what the speaker has, offers, brings, or discovers): Here is your paycheck. My friend here knows the circumstances.
present (used to answer a roll call).
in the present life or existence (often followed by below): We want but little here below.
under consideration, in this instance or case: The matter here is of grave concern to us all.

this place: It’s only a short distance from here.
this world; this life; the present: The here and the hereafter are equal mysteries to all people.

(used for emphasis, especially after a noun modified by a demonstrative adjective): this package here.