What is Paddler?

Paddler definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a short, flat bladed oar for propelling and steering a canoe or small boat, usually held by both hands and moved more or less through a vertical arc.
any of various similar implements used for mixing, stirring, or beating.

any of various similar but smaller implements with a short handle for holding in one hand and a wide or rounded blade, used for a racket in table tennis, paddle tennis, etc.
such an implement or a similarly shaped makeshift one, used to spank or beat someone.
an implement used for beating garments while washing them in running water, as in a stream.
Also called float, floatboard. a blade of a paddle wheel.
paddle wheel.
any of the blades by which a water wheel is turned.
a flipper or limb of a penguin, turtle, whale, etc.
an act of paddling.
Also pattle. British Dialect. a small spade with a long handle, used to dig up thistles.
(in a gate of a lock or sluice) a panel that slides to permit the passage of water.

verb (used without object), pad