What is Trafficked?

Trafficked definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

the movement of vehicles, ships, persons, etc., in an area, along a street, through an air lane, over a water route, etc.: the heavy traffic on Main Street.
the vehicles, persons, etc., moving in an area, along a street, etc.
the transportation of goods for the purpose of trade, by sea, land, or air: ships of traffic.
trade; buying and selling; commercial dealings.
trade between different countries or places; commerce.
the business done by a railroad or other carrier in the transportation of freight or passengers.
the aggregate of freight, passengers, telephone or telegraph messages, etc., handled, especially in a given period.
communication, dealings, or contact between persons or groups: traffic between the Democrats and the Republicans.
mutual exchange or communication: traffic in ideas.
trade in some specific commodity or service, often of an illegal nature: the vast traffic in narcotics.
illegal commercial trade in human beings for the purpose of exploiting them: the traffic in young children.