Metadata, source

What is Metadata, source?

Metadata, source meaning in Digital terms is Metadata that documents the technical features of the item that has been reformatted (from analog) or transcoded (from digital). This category is called source metadata (<sourcemd>) in METS, where it is classified as a subtype of administrative metadata. For a photographic negative, source metadata might include the dimensions of the original and its minimum and maximum density. For an analog-tape sound recording, source metadata might include the type and thickness of the tape stock, the track configuration, and the playback speed. For a digital item that is being transcoded in a given format-migration event, source metadata might make note of the original encoding (e.g., MPEG-2 Main Profile @ Main Level). Source metadata is sometimes documented in the same structures used for file characteristics metadata, i.e., MIX (NISO Metadata for Images in XML) or, for sound recordings, in AES-X98B, a draft standard from the Audio Engineering Society called Administrative and Structural Metadata for Audio Objects.


reference: Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative – Glossary