What is Non-permitted?

Non-permitted definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object), perA.mitA.ted, perA.mitA.ting.
to allow to do something: Permit me to explain.
to allow to be done or occur: The law does not permit the sale of such drugs.

to tolerate; agree to: a law permitting Roman Catholicism in England.
to afford opportunity for, or admit of: vents to permit the escape of gases.

verb (used without object), perA.mitA.ted, perA.mitA.ting.
to grant permission; allow liberty to do something.
to afford opportunity or possibility: Write when time permits.

to allow or admit (usually followed by of): statements that permit of no denial.

an authoritative or official certificate of permission; license: a fishing permit.
a written order granting special permission to do something.