What is Non-articulate?

Non-articulate definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
uttered clearly in distinct syllables.
capable of speech; not speechless.

using language easily and fluently; having facility with words: an articulate speaker.
expressed, formulated, or presented with clarity and effectiveness: an articulate thought.
made clear, distinct, and precise in relation to other parts: an articulate form; an articulate shape; an articulate area.
(of ideas, form, etc.) having a meaningful relation to other parts: an articulate image.
having parts or distinct areas organized into a coherent or meaningful whole; unified: an articulate system of philosophy.
Zoology. having joints or articulations; composed of segments.

verb (used with object), arA.ticA.uA.latA.ed,
to utter clearly and distinctly; pronounce with clarity.
Phonetics. to make the movements and adjustments of the speech organs necessary to utter (a speech sound).

to give clarity or distinction to: to articulate a shape; to articulate an idea.
Dentistry. to position or reposition (teeth); subject to articulation.
to unite by a joint or joints.
to reveal or make distinct: an injection to articulate arteries so that obstructions can be observed by x-ray.

verb (used without object), arA.ticA.uA.latA.ed,
to pronounce clearly each of a succession of speech sounds, syllables, or words; enunciate: to articulate with excessive precision.
Phonetics. to articulate a speech sound.

Anatomy, Zoology. to form a joint.
Obsolete. to make terms of agreement.

a segmented invertebrate.