What is Tender?

Tender meaning Method of issuing securities whereby investors are invited to bid, subject to a minimum price. The allocation of the securities is made according to the prices bid.


reference: mercer.com


What is Tender ?

Tender is (adj) 1. (of food.) easy to cut or chew a plate of tender young beans The meat was so tender, you hardly needed a knife to cut it. 2. delicate, easily damaged The baby has very tender skin. 3. showing love The plants need a lot of tender loving care. 4. which cannot stand frost Keep tender seedlings in the greenhouse until June. 5. painful when touched you’ve touched him on a tender spot you have mentioned something which he gets very upset about (informal.) (noun) 1. an offer to do something at a certain price to put in or submit a tender for a job to offer to do work at a certain price 2. a boat which brings supplies to a large ship 3. a coal wagon attached to a steam engine (verb) 1. to tender for a job to offer to do work at a certain price The company is tendering for a construction job in Saudi Arabia. to tender one’s resignation to inform one’s employer of one’s wish to leave one’s job, formally, in writing The employee has tendered his resignation. 2. to offer money Please tender the correct fare.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level