What is Play ?

Play is (noun) 1. a writtentext which is acted in a theatre or on TV Did you see the play on TV last night? We went to the National Theatre to see the new play. Two of Shakespeare’s plays are on the list for the English exam. 2. the activity of taking part in a game Play will start at 3 o’clock. out of play not on the field The ball was kicked out of play. 3. a way of enjoying yourself They watched the children at play. All right, you children, it’s time for play. 4. it’s child’s play it is very easy It’s child’s play if you’ve got the right tools for the job. 5. freedom to move about There is too much play in the handle you should tighten the screws. (verb) 1. to take part in a game He plays rugby for the university. Do you play tennis? 2. (of a game) to happen in a particular place or at a particular time The tennis match was played on the Centre Court. Cricket isn’t played in the winter. 3. to make music on a musical instrument or to put a recording on a machine such as a CD player He can’t play the violin very well. Let me play you my new Bach CD. 4. to enjoy yourself The boys were playing in the garden. When you’ve finished your lesson you can go out to play. He doesn’t like playing with other children. 5. to act the part of a person in a film or play Orson Welles played Harry Lime in ‘The Third Man’. 6. to make water or light move in a particular direction or in a particular way, or when water or light moves like this Fountains played as the guests strolled in the gardens.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level