Hit up

What is Hit up?

Hit up definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object), hit, hitA.ting.
to deal a blow or stroke to: Hit the nail with the hammer.
to come against with an impact or collision, as a missile, a flying fragment, a falling body, or the like: The car hit the tree.

to reach with a missile, a weapon, a blow, or the like, as one throwing, shooting, or striking: Did the bullet hit him?
to succeed in striking: With his final shot he hit the mark.
Baseball. to make (a base hit): He hit a single and a home run. bat1(def 12).

to drive or propel by a stroke: to hit a ball onto the green.
to have a marked effect or influence on; affect severely: We were all hit by the change in management.
to assail effectively and sharply (often followed by out): The speech hits out at warmongering.
to request or demand of: He hit me for a loan.
to reach or attain (a specified level or amount): Prices are expected to hit a new low. The new train can hit 100 mph.
to be published in or released to; appear in: When will this report hit the papers? What will happen when the story hits the front page?
to land on or arrive in: The troops hit the beach at 0800. When does Harry hit town?
to give (someone) another playing card, drink, portion, etc.: If the dealer hits me with an ace, I’ll win the hand. Bartender, hit me again.
to come or light upon; meet with; find: to hit the right road.
to agree with; suit exactly: I’m sure this purple shirt will hit Alfred’s fancy.
to solve or guess correctly; come upon the right answer or solution: You’ve hit it!
to succeed in representing or producing exactly: to hit a likeness in a portrait.
Informal. to begin to travel on: Let’s hit the road. What time shall we hit the trail?

verb (used without object), hit, hitA.ting.
to strike with a missile, a weapon, or the like; deal a blow or blows: The armies hit at dawn.
to come into collision (often followed by against, on, or upon): The door hit against the wall.

Slang. to kill; murder.
(of an internal-combustion engine) to ignite a mixture of air and fuel as intended: This jalopy is hitting on all cylinders.
to come or light (usually followed by upon or on): to hit on a new way.

an impact or collision, as of one thing against another.
a stroke that reaches an object; blow.

a stroke of satire, censure, etc.: a hit at complacency.
Baseball. base hit.
Backgammon. a game won by a player after the opponent has thrown off one or more men from the board. any winning game.

a successful stroke, performance, or production; success: The play is a hit.
Slang. a dose of a narcotic drug.
Digital Technology. (in information retrieval) an instance of successfully locating an item of data, as in a database or on the Internet: When I search for my name, I get lots of hits. an instance of accessing a website.

Slang. a killing, murder, or assassination, especially one carried out by criminal prearrangements.

Verb Phrases
hit off, to represent or describe precisely or aptly: In his new book he hits off the American temperament with amazing insight. to imitate, especially in order to satirize.

hit on, Slang. to make persistent sexual advances to: guys who hit on girls at social events.

hit out, to deal a blow aimlessly: a child hitting out in anger and frustration. to make a violent verbal attack: Critics hit out at the administration’s new energy policy.

hit up, Slang. to ask to borrow money from: He hit me up for ten bucks. to inject a narcotic drug into a vein.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/hit–up