What is Better ?

Better is (adj) 1. good when compared to something else The weather is better today than it was yesterday. His latest book is better than the first one he wrote. She’s better at maths than English. Brown bread is better for you than white. We will shop around to see if we can get a better price. 2. healthy again I had a cold last week but I’m better now. I hope your sister will be better soon. (adv) more successfully than something else She sings better than her sister. My old knife cuts better than the new one. to think better of something to decide that something is not a good idea He was going to drive to London, but thought better of it when he heard the traffic report on the news. (noun) 1. a person who bets One or two lucky betters won thousands of pounds on the race. 2. to get the better of someone to beat someone No one can get the better of him at poker. for the better which makes the situation better He’s earning more money now, and his financial situation has changed for the better. he took a turn for the better his health began to improve ((verb)) to better yourself to improve your social position He studied hard because he wanted to better himself.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level