What is Aspheterism?

Aspheterism definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition: intellectual aspirations.
a goal or objective that is strongly desired: The presidency has been his aspiration since boyhood.
the act of aspirating or breathing in.
Phonetics. articulation accompanied by an audible puff of breath, as in the h-sound of how, or of when (hwen), or in the release of initial stops, as in the k-sound of key. the use of such a speech sound, or aspirate, in pronunciation.

Medicine/Medical. the act of removing a fluid, as pus or serum, from a cavity of the body, by a hollow needle or trocar connected with a suction syringe. the act of inhaling fluid or a foreign body into the bronchi and lungs, often after vomiting.

RELATED WORDSdesire, longing, eagerness, wish, aim, yearning, passion, ambition, objective, endeavor, dream, inclination, urge, direction, work, hankering, ambitiousness, object, pursuit, push