What is Wreck?

Wreck is (noun) 1. a ship which has been sunk or badly damaged Divers have discovered the wreck on the seabed. The wreck of the ‘Mary Rose’ was found in the sea near Southampton. 2. anything which has been damaged and cannot be used The police towed away the wreck of the car. Their new car is now a total wreck. 3. a nervous, tired and worried person After the interview with the boss he was a nervous wreck. Two hours manning the complaints desk and you’re a gibbering wreck. (verb) 1. to damage something very badly The ship was wrecked on the rocks in the storm. The bank was wrecked by the explosion. 2. to ruin something The children catching chickenpox has wrecked our plans to go to Greece.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level