What is Wear?

Wear is (verb) 1. to have something such as clothes or jewellery on your body What dress are you wearing to the party? When last seen, he was wearing a blue raincoat. She’s wearing her mother’s earrings. She wears her hair very short. 2. to become damaged or thin through being used The tread on the car tyres is worn. I’ve worn a hole in the heel of my sock. 3. to last a long time, to stay in the same condition in spite of being used The carpet has not worn well. 4. not to wear something not to allow or put up with something (informal.) You can’t put that picture up in the office – the female staff will never wear it. (noun) 1. clothes The menswear department is on the ground floor. 2. the action of wearing clothes This anorak is suitable for summer wear. A little black dress is perfect for evening wear. 3. the amount of use which something may have The carpet on the stairs will have a lot more wear than the one in the bedroom.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level