What is Tab?

Tab definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a small flap, strap, loop, or similar appendage, as on a garment, used for pulling, hanging, or decoration.
a tag or label.
a small projection from a card, paper, or folder, used as an aid in filing.

Informal. a bill, as for a meal in a restaurant; check.
a small piece attached or intended to be attached, as to an automobile license plate.
a small flap or tongue of material used to seal or close the opening of a container.
Also called tabulator, tab key. a key on a typewriter that moves the carriage, typing element, etc., a predetermined number of spaces, used for typing text in columns, for fixed indentations, etc.
Also called tab key. a key on a computer keyboard that moves the cursor a predetermined number of spaces, used for keying text in columns or form fields, for fixed indentations, etc.
Digital Technology. (in a web browser window or in a spreadsheet or other application) a page displayed by clicking on or selecting a user interface element that resembles a paper tab:The third tab in the spreadsheet list expenses.the display of this user interface element:I have too many tabs open in my browser right now.

Theater. a small, often narrow, drop curtain, for masking part of the stage.tableau curtain.

Aeronautics. a small airfoil hinged to the rear portion of a control surface, as to an elevator, aileron, or rudder.Compare trim tab.

verb (used with object), tabbed, tab