What is Mask?

Mask definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a covering for all or part of the face, worn to conceal one’s identity.
a grotesque or humorous false face worn at a carnival, masquerade, etc.: Halloween masks.
Also called swim mask. a device consisting typically of a transparent glass or plastic panel fitted into a flexible rubber gasket that fits snugly around the eyes, over the cheeks, and usually over the nose: used by skin divers.

anything that disguises or conceals; disguise; pretense: His politeness is a mask for his fundamentally malicious personality.
a likeness of a face, as one molded on the face in plaster.Compare death mask, life mask.
a covering of wire, gauze, etc., to protect the face, as from splinters, dust, or a pitched ball.
gas mask.
any protective covering for the face or head.
any protective covering, as paper, cardboard, plastic, or the like, used for masking an area of something, as of a photograph or window.
the dark shading on the muzzle of certain dogs.
a representation of a face or head, generally grotesque, used as an architectural ornament or as a decorative device in weaponry, furniture, etc.
a person wearing a mask; masker.
masque(defs 1