What is Pace?

Pace definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a rate of movement, especially in stepping, walking, etc.: to walk at a brisk pace of five miles an hour.
a rate of activity, progress, growth, performance, etc.; tempo.

any of various standard linear measures, representing the space naturally measured by the movement of the feet in walking: roughly 30 to 40 inches (75 cm to 1 meter).Compare geometrical pace, military pace, Roman pace.
a single step: She took three paces in the direction of the door.
the distance covered in a step: Stand six paces inside the gates.
a manner of stepping; gait.
a gait of a horse or other animal in which the feet on the same side are lifted and put down together.
any of the gaits of a horse.
a raised step or platform.

verb (used with object), paced, pac



What is Pace ?

Pace is (noun) 1. the distance covered by one step Step three paces back. Walk thirty paces to the north of the stone. 2. speed to keep pace with to keep up with She kept pace with the leaders for the first three laps. Wages haven’t kept pace with inflation. to set the pace (of a runner, driver, horse, etc.) to go fast, showing how fast a race should be run The German driver set the pace in his Ferrari. (verb) 1. to walk He paced backwards and forwards in front of the door. 2. to measure by walking He paced out the distance between the tree and the house. 3. to set the pace for a runner To help him train for the marathon she paced him on her bicycle.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level