What is Brahminical?

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noun, plural BrahA.min, BrahA.mins.
Hinduism. Brahman1(def 1).
(especially in New England) a person usually from an old, respected family who, because of wealth and social position, wields considerable social, economic, and political power.
a person who is intellectually or socially aloof.

of, relating to, or characteristic of a Brahmin: the Brahmin attitudes of a true aristocrat.

Origin of BrahminFirst recorded in 1475a??85; variant of Brahman1

Related formsBrahA.minA.ic [brah-min-ik] /brE?E?mEana??Eak/,, adjectivenon-BrahA.minA.ic,,, adjective
Can be confusedBrahman Brahmin