What is Daylit?

Daylit definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the light of day: At the end of the tunnel they could see daylight.
public knowledge or awareness; openness: The newspaper article brought the scandal out into the daylight.
the period of day; daytime.
daybreak; dawn.

a clear space or gap, especially between two people or things that should be close together, as between the knees of a horseback rider and a saddle.
disagreement or mental distance between two people: There’s very little daylight between the two senators’ stances on the issue.
daylights, Informal. mental soundness, consciousness, or wits: The noise scared the daylights out of us.I’d like to beat/knock the daylights out of him!

Photography. of, relating to, or being film made for exposure by the natural light of day.

verb (used with object), day