What is Tripped?

Tripped definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

a journey or voyage: to win a trip to Paris.
a journey, voyage, or run made by a boat, train, bus, or the like, between two points: It’s a short trip from Baltimore to Philadelphia.
a single journey or course of travel taken as part of one’s duty, work, etc.: his daily trip to the bank.
a stumble; misstep.
a sudden impeding or catching of a person’s foot so as to throw the person down, especially in wrestling.
a slip, mistake, error, or blunder.
an error or lapse in conduct or etiquette.
a light, nimble step or movement of the feet.

  1. a projecting object mounted on a moving part for striking a control lever to stop, reverse, or otherwise control the actions of some machine, as a milling machine or printing press.
  2. a sudden release or start.
a catch of fish taken by a fishing vessel in a single voyage.

  1. an instance or period of being under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug, especially LSD.
  2. the euphoria, illusions, etc., experienced during such a period.
  3. any stimulating or exciting experience: The class reunion was a real trip.
  4. any intense interest or preoccupation: She’s been on a nostalgia trip all week.
  5. a period of time, experience, or lifestyle: Those early years in college were a bad trip.