What is hooah?

hooah meaning in Military or Military Slang terminology / glossary / dictionary is:
(U.S. Army/USAF Security Forces/Canadian Army Infantry) A spirited cry, which can mean nearly anything positive. Exact origins are unknown. Paratroopers claim it as originating from the involuntary grunting sound one makes on contact with the ground during a parachute landing. Others claim that it is an acronym for “Heard, Understood and Acknowledged.” used normally in group instruction as acknowledgement of understanding rather than in one on one situations with an officer where “Yes Sir, understood sir” is still preferred. Pronounced “Who-Ah” in one short syllable by Rangers. In the Regiment ( 75th RGR ) , depending on its placement in the sentence or its inflection and tone, Hooah can an affirmative, a negative, a Verb, and or curse word. Its Usage in the Canadian Army is somewhat debated, however, “seen” is used as the preferred affirmative. See also, HUA.


reference: Glossary of military slang