What is Native?

Native definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

being the place or environment in which a person was born or a thing came into being: one’s native land.
belonging to a person by birth or to a thing by nature; inherent: native ability; native grace.
belonging by birth to a people regarded as indigenous to a certain place, especially a preliterate people: Native guides accompanied the expedition through the rain forest.
of indigenous origin, growth, or production: native pottery.
of, relating to, or characteristic of the indigenous inhabitants of a place or country: native customs; native dress.
born in a particular place or country: a native New Yorker.
of or relating to a language acquired by a person before or to the exclusion of any other language: Her native language is Greek.
pertaining to or characteristic of a person using his or her native language: a native speaker of English; native command of a language.
under the rule of natives: a native government.
occupied by natives: the native quarter of Algiers.
remaining or growing in a natural state; unadorned or unchanged: the native beauty of a desert island.
forming the source or origin of a person or thing: He returned to his native Kansas.
originating naturally in a particular country or region, as animals or plants.
found in nature rather than produced artificially, as a mineral substance: the difference between native and industrial diamonds.
Chemistry, Mineralogy. (of metals) occurring in nature pure or uncombined: native copper.
belonging to a person as a birthright: to deprive a person of his native rights.
Digital Technology.

  1. of or relating to software designed specifically for the platform on which it is running: native applications for 64-bit PCs;native mobile apps.
  2. of or relating to data interpreted or displayed by the software or hardware for which it was originally encoded: to view the file in its native format.
Archaic. closely related, as by birth.