What is year?

year is (noun) 1. a period of time lasting twelve months, from January 1st to Decem- ber 31st Columbus discovered America in the year 1492. Great celebrations which took place in the year 2000. Last year we did not have any holiday. Next year she’s going on holiday in Australia. The weather was very bad for most of the year. year in, year out, year after year every year, over a long period of time Year in, year out he sends me a plant for my birthday. all year round working or open for the whole year The museum is open all year round. 2. since the year dot for a very long time (infor- mal.) We’ve been going on holiday to Wales since the year dot. New Year, New Year’s Day 3. a period of twelve months from a particular time We spent five years in Hong Kong. He died two hundred years ago today. She’ll be eleven years old to- morrow. How many years have you been working for the company? 4. I haven’t seen him for years or donkey’s years I haven’t seen him for a very long time


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level