library use

What is library use?

library use meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

The extent to which the resources and services of a library are utilized by its clientele (students and faculty in the case of academic libraries; the general public for public libraries). Common measures include overall or per capita circulation, turnover of collection(s), gate count, program attendance, Internet use within the building, interlibrary loan and reference transactions, etc. Accurate statistics on library use are essential in documenting effectiveness and justifying funding.A study commissioned in 2006 by the American Library Association (ALA) of a random sample of 1,003 people revealed that two-thirds of adult Americans (about 135 million) visited their public libraries in the previous year. Nearly two-thirds of Americans have library cards. According to the survey, use of library services by Americans has grown in every category since the previous survey in 2002–from borrowing books and consulting librarians to checking out CDs, videos, and computer software and attending cultural programs. The most frequent library users are women, younger adults (age 25-44), college-educated adults, and parents of younger children.


reference: ABC-CLIO