What is Well?

Well is (adv) 1. in a way that is satisfactory He doesn’t speak Russian very well. Our business is small, but it’s doing well. Is the new computer working well? 2. very much He got back from the office late – well after eight o’clock. You should go to the Tower of London – it’s well worth a visit. There were well over sixty people at the meeting. She’s well over eighty. Synonym considerably 3. as well also When my aunt comes to stay she brings her two cats and the dog as well. You can’t eat fish and chips and a meat pie as well! as well as not only, but also Some newsagents sell groceries as well as newspapers. She ate a slice of cheesecake as well as two scoops of ice cream. 4. to emphasise He may well be right. She’s well aware of how serious the situation is. (adj) healthy She’s looking well after her holiday! The secretary’s not very well today – she’s had to stay off work. It took him some weeks to get well after his flu. (interj) which starts a sentence, and often has no meaning Well, I’ll show you round the house first. Well now, we’ve done the washing up so we can sit and watch TV. (showing surprise) Well, well! What is Mr Smith doing here! (noun) a very deep hole dug in the ground with water or oil at the bottom Middle Eastern oil wells We pump water from the well in our garden.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level