What is Effect ?

Effect is (noun) 1. a result or influence The cuts in spending will have a serious effect on the hospital. The cream has had no effect on her rash. The effects of the anaesthetic took some time to wear off. the order comes into or takes effect from January 1st the order starts to have to be obeyed on January 1st in effect actually In effect, he gave up trying. with effect from starting from Prices will be increased by 10% with effect from January 1st. 2. an approximate meaning The notice said something to the effect that the shop had closed. or words to that effect or something with that meaning She said she wouldn’t pay, or words to that effect. (verb) to make, to carry out (formal.) She was able to effect a num- ber of changes during her time in charge. Synonym achieve to effect a payment to make a payment


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level