What is Rock ?

Rock is (noun) 1. a large stone or a large piece of stone The ship was breaking up on the rocks. 2. a hard pink sweet shaped like a stick, often with the name of a town printed in it, bought mainly by tourists a stick of Brighton rock 3. loud popular music with a strong rhythm Rock (music) is the only music he listens to. (verb) 1. to sway from side to side or make something sway from side to side The little boat rocked in the wake of the ferry. The explosion rocked the town. don’t rock the boat don’t do anything to disturb what has been arranged (informal.) Everything has been organised, so please don’t rock the boat with any new suggestions. 2. to move from side to side, holding something The baby is crying, I’ll try to rock her to sleep.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level