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noun (sometimes lowercase)
a typical American town or small city with traditional values and mores.

Origin of Middletown1after a pseudonymously named town studied in a book with the same title (1929) by U.S. sociologists Robert S. Lynd (1892a??1970) and Helen Merrell Lynd (1896a??1982); the town actually studied was Muncie, Ind.

Related formsMidA.dleA.townA.er, noun
Definition for middletown (2 of 2)Middletown2
[ mid-l-toun ]SHOW IPA

a township in E New Jersey.
a city in SW Ohio, on the Miami River.
a city in central Connecticut, on the Connecticut River.
a city in SE New York.
a town in SE Rhode Island.
a town in E Pennsylvania.


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