What is Close ?

Close is (adj) 1. very near, or just next to something Our office is close to the railway station. This is the closest I’ve ever been to a film star! 2. where only a few votes separate the winner from the losers The election was very close. It was a close contest. 3. hot and airless It’s very close in here, can someone open a window?(adv) very near Keep close by me if you don’t want to get lost. Go further away – you’re getting too close. They stood so close (together) that she felt his breath on her cheek. The sound came closer and closer. (NOTE: closer – closest)(verb) 1. to shut Would you mind closing the window? He closed his book and turned on the TV. 2. to make something come to an end She closed her letter by saying she was coming to see us. 3. to come to an end The meeting closed with a vote of thanks. 4. to close an account to take all the money out of a bank account and stop the account He closed his building society account.(noun) 1. an end, final part The century was drawing to a close. at close of play when a cricket match stops for the day 2. a short residential road They live in Briar Close. 3. an area round a cathedral The dean has a house in the cathedral close.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level