What is Quiet ?

Quiet is (adj) 1. without any noise Can’t you make the children keep quiet? I’m trying to work. The brochure said that the rooms were quiet, but ours looked out over a busy main road. The children have gone out and the house is so quiet. quiet as a mouse very quiet She sat in the corner, as quiet as a mouse, watching what was going on. 2. with no great excitement We had a quiet holiday by the sea. It’s a quiet little village. The hotel is in the quietest part of the town. 3. simple quiet wedding a wedding with few guests We decided to have a quiet wedding just our brothers and sisters. quiet colour scheme the colours which are used for painting something such as the walls of a room, and which are not bright (noun) 1. calm and peace All I want is a bit of peace and quiet. The quiet of the Sunday afternoon was spoilt by aircraft noise. 2. on the quiet in secret They got married last weekend on the quiet. (verb) to make someone calm She tried to quiet the screaming child.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level