What is Press ?

Press is (noun) 1. newspapers taken as a group The election wasn’t reported in the British press. There has been no mention of the problem in the press. (NOTE: no plural) 2. journalists and other people who work for newspapers, or on radio and TV Everywhere she went she was followed by the press. Press photographers were standing outside Number 10. (NOTE: no plural) 3. a machine which presses things The car body is moulded from a metal sheet in a hydraulic press. (NOTE: The plural is presses.) (verb) 1. to push or squeeze something Press the button for first floor. Everyone pressed round the film stars. 2. to iron something His jacket needs to be pressed. 3. to press on or forward with to continue or to go ahead In spite of the weather they pressed on with the preparations for the village fair.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level