What is Dronabinol?

Dronabinol definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a small quantity of liquid that falls or is produced in a more or less spherical mass; a liquid globule.
the quantity of liquid contained in such a globule.

a very small quantity of liquid: I’ll have a little more tea, just a drop.
a minute quantity of anything: not even a drop of mercy.
Usually drops. liquid medicine given in a dose or form of globules from a medicine dropper. a solution for dilating the pupils of the eyes, administered to the eyes in globules by a medicine dropper.

a limited amount of an alcoholic beverage: He occasionally takes a drop after dinner.
an act or instance of dropping; fall; descent.
the distance or depth to which anything drops: a ten-foot drop to the ground.
a steep slope: a short drop to the lake.
a decline in amount, degree, quality, value, etc.: a drop in prices.
a small, usually spherical, piece of candy; lozenge: a lemon drop.
a central depository where items are left or transmitted: a mail drop.
a predesignated place where secret letters or packages can be left to be picked up by another person without attracting attention, as in espionage or drug dealing.
something resembling or likened to a liquid globule, as certain ornaments, a spherical earring, etc.
a pendant.
a descent by parachute.
an instance of dropping supplies by parachute or an amount of supplies so dropped.
something that drops or is used for dropping.
a group of persons dropped by parachute, as the personnel dropped by parachute during one military action.
Theater. drop curtain. drop scene.

a gallows.
a slit or opening into which something can be dropped, as in a mailbox.
(in a casino) the income from the sale of chips.
a small flag, usually of enameled metal, that gives a visual signal in an annunciator.
Furniture. an applied ornament resembling a pendant.
Architecture. gutta(def 2).
Nautical. the vertical dimension amidships of any sail that is bent to a standing yard.Compare hoist(def 6a).
Also called drop panel. (in reinforced-concrete-slab construction) a thickened portion of the ceiling around a column head.
Horology. the free motion of an escape wheel between successive checks by the pallet.
the newborn young of an animal.

verb (used without object), dropped or dropt, drop