Damned if i do, damned if i don’t

What is Damned if i do, damned if i don’t?

Damned if i do, damned if i don’t definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
adjective, superlative damnedA.est, damndA.est.
condemned or doomed, especially to eternal punishment: the wailing of damned souls.
detestable; loathsome: Get that damned dog out of here!
complete; absolute; utter: a damned nuisance; a damned fool.
Informal. extraordinary; amazing: It was the damnedest thing I’d ever seen.

the damned, those condemned to suffer eternal punishment.

extremely; very; absolutely: a damned good singer; too damned lazy.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/damned-if-i-do–damned-if-i-don-t