What is Last?

Last definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
adjective a superl. of late with later as compar.
occurring or coming after all others, as in time, order, or place: the last line on a page.
most recent; next before the present; latest: last week; last Friday.

being the only one remaining: my last dollar; the last outpost; a last chance.
final: in his last hours.
ultimate or conclusive; definitive: the last word in the argument.
lowest in prestige or importance: last prize.
coming after all others in suitability or likelihood; least desirable: He is the last person we’d want to represent us.
individual; single: The lecture won’t start until every last person is seated.
utmost; extreme: the last degree of delight.
Ecclesiastical. (of the sacraments of penance, viaticum, or extreme unction) extreme or final; administered to a person dying or in danger of dying.

after all others; latest: He arrived last at the party.
on the most recent occasion: When last seen, the suspect was wearing a checked suit.

in the end; finally; in conclusion.

a person or thing that is last.
a final appearance or mention: We’ve seen the last of her. That’s the last we’ll hear of it.

the end or conclusion: We are going on vacation the last of September.