What is Divisional?

Divisional definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the act or process of dividing; state of being divided.
Arithmetic. the operation inverse to multiplication; the finding of a quantity, the quotient, that when multiplied by a given quantity, the divisor, gives another given quantity, the dividend; the process of ascertaining how many times one number or quantity is contained in another.
something that divides or separates; partition.
something that marks a division; dividing line or mark.
one of the parts into which a thing is divided; section.
separation by difference of opinion or feeling; disagreement; dissension.

Government. the separation of a legislature, or the like, into two groups, in taking a vote.
one of the parts into which a country or an organization is divided for political, judicial, military, or other purposes.
Military. (in the army) a major administrative and tactical unit, larger than a regiment or brigade and smaller than a corps: it is usually commanded by a major general. (in the navy) a number of ships, usually four, forming a tactical group that is part of a fleet or squadron.

a major autonomous or semi-independent but subordinate administrative unit of an industrial enterprise, government bureau, transportation system, or university: the sales division of our company; the Division of Humanities.
(in sports) a category or class containing all the teams or competitors grouped together according to standing, skill, weight, age, or the like: a team in the first division; the heavyweight division in boxing.
Botany. a major primary subdivision of the plant kingdom, consisting of one or more classes; plant phylum.
Zoology. any subdivision of a classificatory group or category.
Horticulture. a type of propagation in which new plants are grown from segments separated from the parent plant.
the ornamentation of a melodic line in 17th- and 18th-century music.


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