What is Stick?

Stick definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a branch or shoot of a tree or shrub that has been cut or broken off.
a relatively long and slender piece of wood.
a long piece of wood for use as fuel, in carpentry, etc.
a rod or wand.

a baton.
Chiefly British. a walking stick or cane.
a club or cudgel.
something that serves to goad or coerce: The threat of unemployment was the stick that kept the workers toiling overtime.Compare carrot(def 3).
a long, slender piece or part of anything: a stick of candy; sticks of celery.
any of four equal parts in a pound of butter or margarine.
Sports. an implement used to drive or propel a ball or puck, as a crosse or a hockey stick.
Aeronautics. a lever, usually with a handle, by which the longitudinal and lateral motions of an airplane are controlled.
Nautical. a mast or spar.
Printing. composing stick.
the sticks, Informal. any region distant from cities or towns, as rural districts; the country: Having lived in a large city all his life, he found it hard to adjust to the sticks.
Military. a group of bombs so arranged as to be released in a row across a target. the bomb load.

Informal. stick shift.
Slang. a marijuana cigarette.
Informal. an unenthusiastic or uninteresting person.
Informal. a portion of liquor, as brandy, added to a nonalcoholic drink.

verb (used with object), sticked, stick