What is Noticed?

Noticed definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
an announcement or intimation of something impending; warning: a day’s notice.
a note, placard, or the like conveying information or a warning: to post a notice about the fire laws.
information or warning of something, especially for wide attention: to give notice of one’s departure.
a notification of the termination, at a specified time, of an agreement, as for renting or employment, given by one of the parties to the agreement: The sales manager suddenly gave notice and headed for Acapulco.

observation, perception, attention, or heed: a book worthy of notice.
interested or favorable attention: to take notice of an unusual feature in the design of a building.
critical attention, appraisal, or evaluation: Only a few of the entries were singled out for notice.
a brief written review or critique, as of a newly published book; review: The notices of the play were mostly favorable.

verb (used with object), noA.ticed,
to pay attention to or take notice of: Did you notice her hat?
to perceive; become aware of: Did you notice the anger in his voice?

to acknowledge acquaintance with: She noticed him merely with a nod.
to mention or refer to; point out: a circumstance that was noticed in an earlier chapter.
to give notice to; serve with a notice: to notice a person that his taxes are overdue.