What is Sense ?

Sense is (noun) 1. one of the five ways in which you notice something (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) He may be 93, but he still has all his senses. His senses had been dulled by the drugs he was taking. Dogs have a good sense of smell. 2. a gen- eral feeling about something She had a sense of being cut off from reality. The po- lice seemed to have no sense of urgency. 3. a meaning He was using ‘bear’ in the sense of ‘to carry’. 4. the fact of being sensible At least someone showed some sense and tried to calm the situation. She didn’t have the sense to refuse. I thought Patrick would have had more sense than that. to have more money than sense to have too much money and not know how to spend it wisely (informal.) Did you see what she bought? – She’s got more money than sense! 5. in one sense, in a sense up to a point, partly In a sense, he was right. in no sense in no way, not at all She’s in no sense to blame for what happened.(verb) to be aware of or feel something I could sense the feeling of hostility in the room.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level