What is Plate?

Plate definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a shallow, usually circular dish, often of earthenware or porcelain, from which food is eaten.
the contents of such a dish; plateful.
an entire course of a meal served on such a dish: I had the vegetable plate for lunch.
the food and service for one person, as at a banquet, fund-raising dinner, or the like: The wedding breakfast cost $20 a plate.

household dishes, utensils, etc., of metal plated with gold or silver.
household dishes, utensils, etc., made of gold or silver.
Also called collection plate. a dish, as of metal or wood, used for collecting offerings, as in a church.
a thin, flat sheet or piece of metal or other material, especially of uniform thickness.
metal in such sheets.
a flat, polished piece of metal on which something may be or is engraved.
license plate.
a flat or curved sheet of metal, plastic, glass, or similar hard material, on which a picture or text has been engraved, etched, molded, photographically developed, or drawn, that is inked, as in a press, for printing impressions on other surfaces.
a printed impression from such a piece or from some similar piece, as a woodcut.
a full-page illustration in a book, especially an insert on paper different from the text pages.
a piece of armor made from a thin, flat piece or several such pieces of tough material, especially wrought iron or steel.
armor composed of thin, flat pieces; plate armor.
Dentistry. the part of a denture that conforms to the mouth and contains the teeth.the entire denture.

Baseball. the plate.home plate.rubber1(def 14).

plate glass.
Photography. a sheet of glass, metal, etc., coated with a sensitized emulsion, used for taking a photograph.
Anatomy, Zoology. a platelike part, structure, or organ.
a thin piece or cut of beef from the lower end of the ribs.
Geology. crustal plate.
Electronics. one of the interior elements of a vacuum tube, toward which electrons are attracted by virtue of its positive charge; anode. Abbreviation: P
Carpentry. any of various horizontal timbers or boards laid flat across the heads of studding, upon floors, etc., to support joists, rafters, or studs at or near their ends.
a gold or silver cup or the like awarded as the prize in a horse race or some other contest.
a horse race or some other contest for such a prize.
Heraldry. a rounded argent.

verb (used with object), plat