What is Face?

Face definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the front part of the head, from the forehead to the chin.
a look or expression on this part: a sad face.

an expression or look that indicates ridicule, disgust, etc.; grimace: The child put on a face when told to go to bed.
cosmetics; makeup: Excuse me while I go to the powder room to put on my face.
impudence; boldness: to have the face to ask such a rude question.
outward appearance: These are just old problems with new faces. The future presented a fair face to the fortunate youth.
outward show or pretense, especially as a means of preserving one’s dignity or of concealing a detrimental fact, condition, etc.: Though shamed beyond words, he managed to show a bold face.
good reputation; dignity; prestige: They hushed up the family scandal to preserve face.
the amount specified in a bill or note, exclusive of interest.
the manifest sense or express terms, as of a document.
the geographic characteristics or general appearance of a land surface.
the surface: the face of the earth.
the side, or part of a side, upon which the use of a thing depends: the clock’s face; the face of a playing card.
the most important or most frequently seen side; front: the face of a building.
the outer or upper side of a fabric; right side.
the acting, striking, or working surface of an implement, tool, etc.
Geometry. any of the bounding surfaces of a solid figure: a cube has six faces.
Also called working face. Mining. the front or end of a drift or excavation, where the material is being or was last mined.
Printing. the working surface of a type, of a plate, etc.Also called typeface, typestyle.any design of type, including a full range of characters, as letters, numbers, and marks of punctuation, in all sizes: Caslon is one of the most popular faces.Also called typeface, typestyle,.the general style or appearance of type: broad or narrow face.

Nautical, Aeronautics. the rear or after side of a propeller blade (opposed to back1def 11).
Fortification. either of the two outer sides that form the salient angle of a bastion or the like.
Crystallography. any of the plane surfaces of a crystal.
Electronics. faceplate(def 3).
Archaic. sight; presence: to flee from the face of the enemy.

verb (used with object), faced, fac