What is Walk?

Walk is (verb) 1. to go on foot The baby is ten months old, and is just starting to walk. She was walking along the high street on her way to the bank. The marchers walked across Westminster Bridge. The visitors walked round the factory. to walk someone home to go with someone who is walking home It was getting late, so I walked her home. 2. to take an animal for a walk He’s gone to walk the dog in the fields. She walks her dog every morning. (noun) 1. a usually pleasant journey on foot Let’s all go for a walk in the park. 2. the act of going on foot It’s only a short walk to the beach. It’s only five minutes’ walk from the office to the bank or the bank is only a five minutes’ walk from the office. 3. a path where you can walk We hiked along one of the long-distance walks in the hills. 4. an organised route for walking We went on a walk round Dickens’ London. Are you coming on the sponsored walk for refugees? 5. a way of walking He has the walk of an old man, even though he’s not 50 yet.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level