What is Sugars?

Sugars definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a sweet, crystalline substance, C12H22O11, obtained chiefly from the juice of the sugarcane and the sugar beet, and present in sorghum, maple sap, etc.: used extensively as an ingredient and flavoring of certain foods and as a fermenting agent in the manufacture of certain alcoholic beverages; sucrose.Compare beet sugar, cane sugar.
Chemistry. a member of the same class of carbohydrates, as lactose, glucose, or fructose.

(sometimes initial capital letter) an affectionate or familiar term of address, as to a child or a romantic partner (sometimes offensive when used to strangers, casual acquaintances, subordinates, etc., especially by a male to a female).
a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter S.
Slang. money.
Slang. LSD

verb (used with object)
to cover, sprinkle, mix, or sweeten with sugar.
to make agreeable.

verb (used without object)
to form sugar or sugar crystals.
to make maple sugar.