What is Serve ?

Serve is (verb) 1. to give food or drink to someone She served the soup in small bowls. It’s a buffet lunch – take a plate and serve yourself. Has everyone been served? 2. to bring food or drink to someone at table Which waitress is serving this table? 3. to go with a dish Fish is served with a white sauce. You usually serve red wine with meat. 4. to be enough food for a number of people The packet contains enough to serve six. 5. to work as an official He served in the army for ten years. 6. to help a customer, e.g. in a shop Are you being served? The manager served me himself. Will you serve this lady next, please? 7. to provide a service for people or a place The local bus serves the villages in the hills. The aim of our organisation is to serve the local com- munity. This hospital serves the western side of the city. 8. (in games like tennis) to start the game by hitting the ball She served two aces in a row. He served first. 9. to serve as something to be useful as something The tall hedge serves as a screen to cut out the noise from the motor- way.(noun) (in games like tennis) the ac- tion of hitting the ball first She has a very powerful serve.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level