Casals, pablo

What is Casals, pablo?

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noun JaA.coA.po [jaw-vahn-nee yah-kaw-paw] /dE?E?E?vE?na??ni E?yE?a??kE?a??pE?/, 1725a??98, Italian adventurer and writer.
a man with a reputation for having many amorous adventures; rake; Don Juan.

RELATED WORDSparamour, lover, Romeo, womanizer, wolf, admirer, Lothario, cad

Related formsCasA.aA.noA.vanA.ic [kaz-uh-noh-van-ik, kas-] /E?kA|za??E?a??noE?E?vA|na??Eak, E?kA|s-/, adjective